Sparkle Nails | About Us
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About Us

Give The Gift That Makes Them Sparkle All Year Long

Give the Gift of Well-Being and live well all year round.
Ever walked into a massage overridden by stress, only to emerge feeling like a new person? At Sparkle Nails, we pride ourselves in gifting this experience to people every day. Self-care and love is a critical part of well-being. By giving someone the opportunity to focus on this, they can better serve not only themselves, but others.


Sparkle Nails, the gift of wellness and nail salons, launched its first online presence 15 years ago. From its roots as a media company, the brand has evolved into the promise of well-being for all.
An expert in global trends, insights and services, Sparkle Nails is in tune with the characteristics that unify the world today. We are all seeking balance—with ourselves and with others. Sparkle Nails’ 5 pillars are Gift, Reward, Thank, Motivate and Love those in your life. The company practices this philosophy as well with its modus operandi, #OneTeam.


The Sparkle Nails atmosphere is one of camaraderie and thoughtfulness, characteristics embodied from the top down. Foam projectiles fly around the office; a life-size Jenga keeps us focused on building upward strategically and rock, paper, scissors can win a debate. This team of overachievers is compiled of experts with the drive to get things done, together.


The Sparkle Nails partner network is comprised of world-renowned retreats that pioneered the concept of Spa globally. Partners like Ananda in the Himalayas known for their Ayurvedic treatments which have been around for over 40 years; and Canyon Ranch, who spearheaded the wellness movement in the U.S. over 15 years ago. In addition, we have thousands of day spa and fitness partners who provide treatments throughout the United States.


From week-long weight loss retreats to specialized day spa treatments such as massages, manicures, pedicures to haircuts and more, a Spafinder partner provides services for couples, brides, families, moms and more.


Sparkle Nails continues to firmly set its footprint in the beauty and wellness industry. Our main goal: give someone the tools to focus on their well-being and live well all year round.
In September 2016, Sparkle Nails was acquired by Blackhawk Network—a global financial technology company and a leader in connecting brands and people through branded value solutions. This move allows Sparkle Nails to more effectively connect people to spas and salons with gift cards distributed via retail, ecommerce, corporate, incentive and loyalty programs.